Content Writing

Do you know how to put your best foot forward in writing?  Whether that’s on your website, in your ads, on a resume, in a cover letter, for a proposal, while giving a presentation, and everything in between – how you position yourself through the written word can make you or break you.

Good content gets read. Great content makes people think, feel, and do.

I’ve been writing for 17 years and would love to help make your message resonate with the people you want to connect with. And while we’re at it, let’s do so across platforms in a way that’s emotionally evocative.

Advertising | Direct Mail, Email Marketing/E-Newsletter, Digital, Outdoor, Print

Event/Conference | Booth, Promotional Material, Signage

Website | Search Engine Optimization (SEO, to help your site populate people’s search engine results better), Strategic & Palatable Content

Corporate | Collateral, Naming, Presentation, Proposal, Tagline

Career | Cover Letter, Resume

Sales | Outbound Messaging, Product/Service Launch Talking Points

Notary Public | Already have your documents written and just need something notarized? I’m a Notary Public commissioned in the state of Maryland.

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