Marketing Strategy & Execution

Small businesses & Entrepreneurs. These are some of my favorite things. Sometimes they need help getting the word out that they are here and ready to rock. That’s where I come in. I can help you reach your target audience (via B2B or B2C), create awareness of your company, announce special promotions and upcoming events, help you figure out what your next steps are, what efforts will give you the highest return on your investment, and build meaningful relationships along the way.

Advertising Art Direction | Working with your graphic designer [or mine!] to create a final product that will get you results.* Let’s create compelling work.

Blogging | This has become a great way to increase SEO for your website in addition to sharing your subject matter expertise and general thought process. The catch is, it’s time consuming, that’s where I can help – ghost writing. Let’s talk.

Direct Marketing | Email marketing & Direct mail. These tools are highly effective when you know who to reach, how to reach them and what to communicate. Sound like something you need? Let’s talk.

Event Planning | One of the best ways to get your name and company image out there is to host a memorable and meaningful event – one that gets people engaged, talking, and coming back for more. Let’s do this.

Outdoor Media | Need new signage for your business? Know where it should go? What it should look like? How much it will cost to produce and install? Let’s talk.

Promotions | Running a special? Excited about a new product or service? Can’t figure out how to get the word out, where, when, or what with? Let’s talk.

Public Relations | Ah, influencing the influencers. There’s an art to public relations that is married to marketing, but not the same. A simple anecdotal example: Marketing is asking that cute girl out on a date. Public relations is getting on her dad’s good side so he recommends she asks you out first. Sound good? Let’s talk.

Social Media | Whether you are [or aren’t] using Instagram, Facebook, Twitter or any of the others – if it makes sense for your business (which, it probably does) you should take advantage of at least the free branding, insight into your company’s culture, and outlet for engagement – and fast. Want help to get started? Let’s talk.

Search Marketing | (AKA Search Engine Marketing). This is the Google AdWords, the Pay-per-Click, the In-app advertising, the search engine optimization (SEO), the effective use of keywords in creating text ads – knowing the difference between them, which ones are a good fit for your business, and why. Want help? Let’s talk.

A lot more than categories go into a successful marketing program. Let’s talk about what it is you’re looking for.